Dental Hygiene Team

Laurie | Dental Hygienist | Dental One Bankers HallAll of our team members continually receive training to provide you with knowledgeable care. For example, our dental hygienists regularly use laser hygiene therapy. Lasers allow us to provide you with an exceptional level of comfort and care and help you reach your goal of “optimal” dental health sooner than with standard methods.

Our team of hygienists at Dental One are schooled in oral anatomy, pharmacology, nutrition and periodontology. Teeth cleaning, sealants, root planning and educating patients about general oral hygiene are some of the tasks that a hygienist performs in a typical appointment.

The dental hygienists at Dental One have a strong commitment to patient care which is only rivaled by their knowledge of oral hygiene. Our caring hygienists, like Laurie, are efficient, skilled and extremely qualified at helping each of our patients achieve good on-going oral hygiene and dental health.

“I like to give my patients tips on how to keep their teeth healthy. I have a lot of patients who were excited to learn that a Waterpik is proven to be more effective than flossing. Part of my job as your hygienist is ensuring that you know how to take care of your teeth.” – Laurie